Proposal Rock

June 21, 2013.

It was a family trip to the coast. I had to be there. But I also had to get my walking and nature time in, so I joined Aaron for a fun little walk on the beach and up Proposal Rock.

While the rest of the family was getting organized, we headed to the formidable looking rock. It was covered in thick coastal vegetation, including wind-sculpted trees and impenetrable brush. But Aaron pointed to a clear pathway on the backside and we headed for it.

We slithered up the narrow pathway, amazed at the stout trees that made their home on the rock. It was a rugged place to live, the Oregon Coast. Battered by high winds and storms in addition to all the salty air, you’ve gotta be tough to eke out an existence here. But these trees were robust and strong. The rock was seemingly a fortress, its interior buffeted from the weather by the mass of plant life. It felt quite pleasant on the inside.

In no time at all we found a summit marker at the rock’s highpoint. I was surprised to find one here! Who’s job was that to survey this rock on the beach? An interesting use of government resources, for sure.

Through a clearing in the trees we were treated to an ocean view. Puffy clouds floated through the blue skies. It was going to be a bright, bright sunshine-y day.

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