Welch-Dickey Loop

May 28, 2005.

4.5 mi | 1800′ ele. gain

This is the first of several backdated posts I’m adding to this blog in order to complete the record. In 2015 I decided to start the Hike 366 project, an effort to accumulate one hike on each calendar date of the year (including leap day). Looking back at my records, I found the first hike I’d ever took note of: Welch-Dickey, 5/28/2005. That brings me here…

It had been many years since I’d done much hiking. As a kid, my family would go camping every summer in such faraway places like Connecticut (I grew up in Rhode Island). During the day we would sometimes take short walks in the forest to find old wolf dens, look for animals, splash in the water, and get our feet dirty. They weren’t serious hikes. Nothing was strenuous and we certainly didn’t pack the ten essentials. We learned to look for colored blazes on trees that marked the way and that was about it.

But when I had the opportunity to join a friend on this hike in May I gladly took him up on it.

The hike was short but beautiful, and had classic New England scenery. We took one small backpack between the two of us and I made sure I carried it for my fair share of the time. When offered a hand up to scramble over some boulders, I flatly refused, saying I can take care of myself. Although I didn’t feel particularly adept or athletic I had an innate need to be self-sufficient. What kind of modern lady needs a man’s help?

I took 6 pictures on this hike. Six. Today, in 2017, that is unheard of. Most people take 6 pictures by the end of breakfast and have updated social media at least as many times by then. These were different times. When we could have conversations, enjoy the moment, and take in the scenery. How times have changed in just a dozen years.

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