Mt. Jackson and then some

June 24, 2005.

Webster-Jackson Tr > Mt. Jackson > Webster Cliff Tr > Mitzpah Cutoff > Crawford Path > road walk to Saco Lake

We were supposed to do the Webster-Jackson Loop…

But seeing as how we missed one of the two peaks on the agenda and ended up spending more than half the time on trails we weren’t supposed to be on, plans changed. At least we ended up back at the car. I guess there’s more skill to this hiking thing than I once thought.

Along the way I recorded some wildlife that I heard and saw. We saw: crows, tiger swallowtails, toads and red squirrels, plus one large turtle who was crossing the road. I heard lots of birds: white-throated sparrows, chipping sparrows, winter wrens, and possibly a wood thrush and a black-throated green warbler.

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