Wahclella Falls

December 8, 2012.

I had a great day exploring the Gorge with a former high school student of mine today. We made two stops: the Cape Horn Loop and Wahclella Falls. I’ve written about Cape Horn twice already, so today’s review will focus on the waterfall.

The hike to Wahclella Falls is short and sweet. It’s called “easy” in Sullivan’s red book, making it pretty accessible to anyone. There is a little elevation gain as you head into the canyon towards the waterfall.

The walk is pleasant, with mossy rocks, vibrant ferns and lush growth all around you. As we walked deeper and deeper into the canyon we could start to hear the thunderous roar coming from the falls.

Wahclella is probably my favorite waterfall in the Gorge. It’s not quite as well known as some of the others, which cuts down on foot traffic a little. And although the hike is brief, the scenery is tremendous. It’s a two-tiered waterfall at the end of a little gorge. You have to walk about a mile to get out there, so there is a small price for entry. It feels like you actually did something.

When we reached the waterfall, we tightened up our jackets to protect from the mist and spray. It was just as I remembered, but it was flowing hard today. What a lovely place to share with my student. She hadn’t really explored anything out here, so each corner brought novelty and joy.

I love seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. It was like visiting this place for the first time.

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