Rooster Rock

September 5, 2010.

Trout Creek Trail to Rooster Rock

6.6 miles | 2300′ ele. gain | 4 hrs.

Today would be a big test for my recovering foot. I hadn’t hiked more than a couple of miles since my injury in June. Today we’d tackle over six miles and two thousand feet of climbing to the summit of Rooster Rock. What was I thinking.

I had some friends with me. They’d most certainly have my back and move at whatever pace was necessary. I had my hiking poles and a whole heck of a lot of determination. Plus, I was aiming to climb South Sister next month. NEXT MONTH! I could do this.

We got to the trailhead at about 10 am. The trail was beautiful. Tall trees lined either side of the trail and a thick understory carpeted the forest at our feet. This was the gentler of the two options to hike to Rooster Rock but there were definitely some steep spots. At least the trail was fairly flat and even, not much to trip over.

On our way up we noticed some interesting trees with shaggy, red bark covering up a smooth, green trunk. Madrone! How cool!

In just an hour and a half, we arrived at the bald summit. There we enjoyed a partly cloudy view and some lunch.

On the way back down, I kept my eyes peeled for the climbing area. I knew this part of the forest had some interesting rock climbs. The sun glinted off some bolts on a slab; there’s one! Someday I’ll have to return and try some of the climbs. It would be a bit of a haul to bring rock gear up there but it sure beats waiting in line to climb at Smith.

By 2 pm we were back down. Another fun day on the trail. I am feeling good about hiking on my foot, and will keep pushing it to get stronger so I can get back to my normal self.

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