McDowell Creek Falls

September 6, 2010.

1.7 mi | 200′ ele. gain | 1 hr

One last thing before I go…

It was the last day of Labor Day weekend and we needed a quick hike to finish out our trip. We stopped in to McDowell Creek Falls, a favorite for families because it’s short, sweet and has lots of water access.

Waterfall viewing at the end of summer is…quite anti-climactic. The water levels are low. One of the falls looks like someone forgot to turn the tap off all the way. Drip, drip, drip. Nevermind, though, this was a welcome break for my sore foot.

The forest was green and pretty here, and I could see it as a nice mid-week getaway during the peak of summer, where you could dip your feet in the water, smell the warm air and probably bat away a million bugs. Well, the fantasy almost made it through the quality control center.

Labor Day weekend was a raging success, though. Good times with good friends, check. Time in the woods, check. Foot rehab, check. I’m feeling refreshed and ready for what’s coming next.

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