Peavy Arboretum wanderings

March 14, 2016.

I had about an hour today for hiking, so I went to an old, trusted favorite place: Peavy Arboretum. Since I typically want to be out for more time, I gravitate towards longer trails. Today would be different. I linked up several short trails near the parking lot to create about a 2.5 mile loop. I began on the Woodland Trail.

The Woodland Trail had a signboard at its start that marked several points of interest along the 0.4-mile loop. I breeezed past most of them without a second look. I was in the mood to walk. I added the Maritime Meander and Forest Discovery Trails to fill out the time. The forest was lush and green, with fungus bringing some brightness and color to the winter woods.

Although it was brief, the hike was refreshing. I got to be outside, getting physical activity, enjoying some alone time and exploring a new part of the arboretum.

Even the quick ones are worth it. It’s better to step out for a breath of fresh air when the opportunity presents itself than sit and “kill time” until the next appointment or obligation. If the Hike366 project has taught me one thing, it’s that hiking is meaningful no matter how many miles you do, how much elevation gain or how rugged the terrain is. Even an easy walk in the park has its merits and joys, and I can do more to ensure I leave space in my life for these types of hikes as well as the epic ones.

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