Horse Rock Ridge

April 2, 2016. 

2.7 mi | 700′ ele. gain | 1.5 hr.

In search of a new hike to do close to home, I pulled out the trusty Sullivan book and started looking. Horse Rock Ridge fit the bill. Aaron and I set out for a chill afternoon walk.

The trail started out relatively flat and through the woods.  There were lots of small, downed trees to step over. But quickly we left the forest and entered a magical fairyland of rolling, verdant hills and glorious sunshine. Rocks poked up from the carpet of grasses and moss. Early spring flowers bloomed in the warm sun.

We followed the trail to its abrupt end, where we explored a little cave and tried to find a quiet place to relax. There weren’t too many others around on our way up, but as soon as we turned around there were large, loud groups headed our way. We spent no time getting out of there.

Back in the quiet forest we spotted trillium and again enjoyed some silence. This would be a great place to return for wildflowers later in the spring.

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