Weldon Wagon Trail

August 31, 2008.

3.6 miles | 1000′ ele. gain | 2 hr.

Having knee surgery sure did put a dent in my hiking this year. I haven’t done a thing over 10 miles since before the accident. Most hikes have been like this: short, mellow, and easygoing. It’s been a challenging adjustment to accept that this is all I can do right now.

Being so far east, the landscape was dry. Most everything was some shade of brown or yellow. The oak trees stood out with their twisted branches and green leaves. The trail crosses one of the larger wild stands of native Oregon white oak, which is something I’m not accustomed to hiking in.

It was quiet, desolate, barren. I usually like feeling alone but I was not inspired by my surroundings. Maybe this place would be nicer in the spring.

Got to get this knee back in action. I’m feeling a strong longing for the mountains, I need to get some miles on these legs, and I need to feel more independent. This injury has taken a lot out of me.

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