The Rockies Rock!


I’ve spent the last two days hiking around Grand Teton N.P. The trails are super easy but the views are just astounding. I’m glad I decided to make a pit stop here. Yesterday I hiked up to a couple of lakes and then ran back down to the trailhead. Yes, ran, the trails are like childs-play. Then today I hoofed it 8 miles up to Static Peak and 8 miles down. Along the way I saw a moose, several pika, a marmot, lots of birds I have to look up in my book, and plenty of butterflies.

After my glorious adventuring I drove west a bit and I’m camping out…somewhere west of the Tetons 🙂 I have plenty of time to get to Portland so who knows what interesting stops I’ll make along my way. This has been a wickedly exciting trip. I don’t want it to end!

Oh, and if you’re hungry for more pictures, you’ll just have to wait. I have hundreds of them to sort through once I reach my destination. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.

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