Table Mountain

November 10, 2011.

9 mi | 3200′ ele. gain | 5 hrs.

Today Sue and I set out strictly for some exercise. Our target: Table Mountain.

It was a beautiful day, all that you could ever ask for on a hike. Blue skies, mild temperatures, hardly a breeze. Hardly stopping to take a breath, we raced to the top and landed there in just over two hours. On a day like today it would have been a shame to turn around and head right back. Instead we savored the summit views and nibbled on lunch for nearly an hour.

Finding a good hiking companion is not an easy thing. There are many questions that come up when hiking with a partner, like… What’s their hiking pace? Will they show up prepared? Are they able to walk on steep, uneven or exposed terrain? Are they willing to get up early and get after it? Do they need to talk all the time? Are they able to take care of their own needs throughout the day (or do they need a babysitter)? And most importantly, are they fun to be around?

Lucky for me, my friend Sue meets all of my necessary hiking partner requirements. She’s up for just about anything, is a strong hiker, doesn’t need to talk all day and is a fun person to spend time with. She knows how to work hard, appreciates a nice break and I know she’ll show up with the right gear and attitude. Ah, a hiking buddy for life.

It was hard to leave. The open meadows and pretty scenery atop Table Mountain make it a fantastic place to be. But eventually we decided to descend, among the yellow and brown leaves of fall, back into the cloak of the forest. Table Mountain never disappoints.

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