Silver Falls: Trail of Ten Falls

March 21, 2014.

8.7 miles | 1300′ ele. gain | 4 hrs.

Today was my first hike lead for the Mazamas. Since my home base was Corvallis and the Mazamas are headquartered in Portland, I chose something convenient to both: Silver Falls.

I was happy to have some of my Corvallis friends join me for this trip, plus a few people I’d never met before. One of the regular Mazama leaders came along to oversee my leadership skills, too.

The Trail of Ten Falls is pretty beginner-friendly, plus you get to see 10 waterfalls in less than 10 miles. It’s a must-see hike for anyone in Oregon.

It was cool and overcast. Some folks were in down jackets, others in shorts. We ambled along the trail, stopping at every viewpoint. All the falls were running pretty high. Winter and spring are the best seasons for visiting this park.

We’d get periodic sun breaks while walking in the canyon. A nice change from feeling smothered in the trees.

All went according to plan. It was a smooth and easy first lead on record. I’ve been in charge of groups before, but never with someone looking over my shoulder. I was glad to have had a pretty uneventful first run at it. From here, who knows what’s next? Perhaps something a little more challenging, or perhaps not. I enjoy sharing the outdoors with people who don’t get out much on their own. I can only hope to spark an interest or capture someone’s imagination to go further, climb higher and explore more obscure places in the future.

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