Proxy Falls and Linton Lake

October 26, 2013.

Today’s adventures included two short hikes: 1.7 miles to Proxy Falls and 3.8 miles to Linton Lake. Both are located on the western end of the Old McKenzie Highway. Both are pretty popular. We’d hoped this late in the season there would be smaller crowds visiting.

Proxy Falls Loop

We were greeted at the trailhead with giant mushrooms, just like the day before. After stopping to take a picture, we hoofed it to the falls.

Everyone oohs and aahs over how amazing Proxy Falls is. I don’t get it. It’s okay, but not quite as stunning as the rest of the world seems to believe. Maybe the heavily doctored up photos look better than the real thing. We looked at it, Aaron took his pictures and I eagerly awaited another adventure. I had been here before but it was much more interesting at that time. I had a broken foot and was walking with the assistance of my sweet peg-leg.

Linton Lake

On to new territory: Linton Lake. The trail took us through a forested area to a beautiful lake adjacent to a lava flow. The lake and its surroundings were gorgeous. The blue of the sky and lake contrasted with the golds, oranges and yellows of the autumn foliage. Simply stunning. We ambled along the lake shore looking for the best views. We ultimately settled down on the beach to feel the warm sun on our faces and relax in this postcard of a setting. Why had it taken me so long to get to this place? Oh, perhaps the access trail was the barrier. It was too long for me when I had the broken foot and too short for me when I was all healed up.

You never know when or where you’re going to find a special place. If you’re always looking, you’ll stumble across one sooner rather than later.

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