Middle Pyramid

July 12, 2015

Pyramids Tr > Middle Pyramid spur and back

4 mi | 1800′ ele gain | 2:30 hr.

Middle Pyramid is the middle of a chain of three small bumps in the Willamette National Forest. They’re not nearly as impressive as the Three Sisters, and they see a fraction of the visitation as a result. For me, it’s a great place to go hiking and escape the crowds.

Sue and I arrived at the trailhead around 9 am and immediately started climbing uphill. This route is short but steep, and wastes no time getting to its destination. Being the middle of summer in a not terribly popular hiking area, the trail was very brushy and overgrown. Open areas were thick with ferns, berry bushes, stinging nettle and Devil’s Club. Not a great day to wear shorts!

We bopped in and out of the forest working our way up to the ridge. A short ridge walk brought us to a junction with the spur to Middle Pyramid’s summit.

Scramble options led us to both summits of the Middle Pyramid. On the south summit we found remnants of an old lookout tower. It must have been an impressive perch. The Three Sisters and all the little peaks in the surrounding forest were visible from here. I recognized a few, including the unmistakable Scar Mountain.

The views would have been nicer on a less cloudy day, but who was I to complain? Summer! Mountains! Greenery! It was all so lovely. And fun to share it with Sue. Since leaving Portland I haven’t had nearly enough opportunities to spend time with my buddies. This trip was a great way to get some nature time and friend time all at once.

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