Inching my way to freedom

I slowly ramped up the duration and intensity of my activity level as well as the amount of time I spent upright. My body let me know if I was doing too much. I started to work out some modifications for classic yoga poses that would allow me to participate in a formal class. A chair, exercise ball, and small cushion let me do most of the poses just fine. I had to cut out any standing poses on the left side (tree, warrior 3, etc.) but I was able to adapt poses like Triangle, Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 using the ball and chair.

As my freedom around the house began to improve, I worked up the nerve to exit my apartment, descend the stairs and see the outside world again. My first trip out took me a few blocks down the street to my local coffee shop. I had to scoot down the stairs on my butt, but the ability to go outside was liberating. I still needed help with some things, but I was getting more and more normalcy back.

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