Hardy Ridge

April 10, 2010.

7.5 mi | 2000’ ele. gain | 2.5 hrs.

Sue and I headed out to the Gorge today for a hike up Hardy Ridge. We were looking for some fresh air and exercise, and this hike delivered both. Maybe a little too much fresh air.

We arrived at the trail head just before 8 am and hit snow within the hour. Once we broke out of the trees, we were constantly fighting the wind. We moved quickly so that we could get back into the cover of trees as soon as possible.

Once on the summit ridge, we took in the views and wondered “is this it? Are we here?” Neither of us had been up here before. Maybe we reached the true summit, and maybe not. But we were satisfied with turning around.

Before long we found ourselves back at the trailhead. This would be a great hike to do on a nicer day, so that we would be more willing to take our time and enjoy it 🙂

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