Energy and seasons coloring sheet and notes

In a place like Massachusetts, seasonal changes are rather noticeable. However, it seems as if many students go right through high school without spending some time investigating these changes. Why is winter so different from summer? Where do all the bugs go? Why do birds migrate? What happens to the leaves in the fall? These are all fundamental questions, rooted strongly in biology, so…why not teach them?

I fit these investigations into the curriculum by tying seasonal changes in with the study of photosynthesis and respiration. I think it makes things much more interesting and engaging. Plus, if you time it right, you can use it as an excuse to go outside and collect leaves, make observations on a nature walk, or talk about seasonal adaptations.

I have two coloring sheets here. One is a summer scene, the other is the same scene in winter. It is a great springboard for a number of writing prompts, and it gives the kids some time to relax a bit and color. Never underestimate the power of coloring in high school. Give them a break every now and again. You’d be surprised how much they retain from a silly coloring sheet. Make them take notes on it too!

Download the summer/winter coloring sheets

Download the teacher notes

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