Coffin Mountain

November 30, 2008.

3 miles | 1000′ ele. gain | 1.5 hrs.

Took a short but sweet hike today up to the lookout tower at Coffin Mountain. I’d done this hike alone during the summer, while everyone else was out having grand adventures. It took me 2.5 hours on that day, although there was some lollygagging around 🙂

Today I hiked with eight other people and cut an hour of hiking time off of this trip. It was beautiful even without the wildflowers. The views from the top were great. Jefferson peeks up right behind the neighboring Bachelor Mountain. The Three Sisters loomed in the distance.

Worth the long drive up the gravel road? Perhaps. It’s a nice place to get a fast workout in while enjoying Cascades views far from the crowds clustered in the Gorge. The lookout tower and helicopter pad are interesting curiosities to explore, too. The summit area is large enough to wander around and find your own little special place.

With a little effort, I got my mountain fix for the day, but I’ll be looking for a grander adventure soon.

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