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Driving through the American Midwest

Day three is now under my belt. I drove through hundreds of flat miles in Minnesota and South Dakota, where I am spending the night. Due to some freak scary lightning storms I cut my hiking plans short today and basically just drove through the Badlands. But I did a little scrambling down the rock formations and did some short walks to get the wanderlust out of my system. Tomorrow the plan is to head into the mountains, and weather-permitting, hit the trails somewhere further west.

On the move…

Mississippi RiverWell the time has finally come for me to pick up and head west. My journey began yesterday morning from Providence, Rhode Island and took me to Cleveland, Ohio. This morning I got up and drove nearly 12 hours to….well, somewhere left of the Mississippi. The land out here is flat and vast, and the road seems to go straight forever. Tomorrow I plan to get some hiking in. The good stuff is yet to come!

Stay tuned. I’ll update the site when I can and try to post some photos.