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Powerpoint resources for biology. Feel free to use them in your classes.

Electromagnetic Spectrum PowerPoint

Give your students a basic overview of the Electromagnetic spectrum with this visual representation of the various types of waves. This can be used as an introductory note-taking activity or a review. Don’t forget to read the notes to learn about the built in features that let you easily switch between key slides in the presentation.

*Electromagnetic Spectrum PowerPoint*(Windows)

*Electromagnetic Spectrum PowerPoint* (Mac)

*Note-taking guide* (Word document)

I use this in conjunction with a really cool lesson sequence from the CHANDRA X-Ray Observatory. I went to a workshop at a recent NSTA Conference where the presenter walked us through the activities. It is really great for middle- and high-school students. It might be a little low for your high flyers, but it is great for my concrete-thinking, math and science-phobic kids! You begin with a discussion/activity surrounding the pros and cons of scientific models, then you work with learning about exponents and scientific notation, then students create two graphical models of the electromagnetic spectrum before finishing with a unique pasta project representing EM radiation. Great stuff! Teacher tips provided, as well as student handouts and grading rubrics.